Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Saturday

Here in the desert it is reaching the triple digits and the flowers will soon be gone. Since I don't have a card today I thought I would share a few pics flowers I took this morning.


The cactus have almost finished blooming now

My grapes will be ready to pick in another month
The trumpet vine likes the heat and is growing like crazy giving us lots of bright color and plenty of nectar for the visiting hummers.
These lilies are rather plain but they have the most delightful fragrance!

desert bird of paradise
double hibicus

I let this artichoke stay on to long so I cut it off and set it aside and forgot to take it to the trash. When I went to water last night it was putting out the purple spikes so I cut it and put in water and this morning look how pretty it is.
I love scented geraniums and they are not easy to grow here in the desert! I had a huge one for a couple years and two summers ago it was so hot and humid it rotted. Well this year I have all these little volunteers coming up from some the seeds that scattered.

Hope you enjoyed the little stroll thru part of my garden this morning. You all have a wonderful holiday weekend :)


Mary J said...

Such gorgossity, Davi! I wish it was hot enough in East Sussex UK to have such wonderful flwoers!! Thx for sharing honey! Have a great weekend yourself!

Which desert to you live in?!!

Benzi said...

Davi, this is fabulous.....flower gardens at their best. I've never seen a double hibiscus...what a beauty. How wonderful the little seeds are coming up from the scented geraniums. Thanks for sharing this with us....I have certainly enjoyed strolling
through some of your garden.

Sue Lelli said...

WOW, Davi! I LOVE flowers and gardening so your post was such a TREAT! THX for sharing all of that info too! Have a WONDERFUL rest of your weekend!

Tammy said...

Your pictures are gorgeous Davi!! I love the color of your double hibiscus and your grapes look awesome and yummy!! I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend!! Tammy :)

Unknown said...

I know what you mean by the desert heat playing havoc on those beautiful flowers. Your flowers look so pretty. thanks so much for sharing them with us....

Hugs, Linda

Lisa Somerville said...

Beautiful photos - love your flowers!

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

Lovely garden pictures, I haven't even see a bloom from my bird of paradise yet, and yours are in full bloom? what's wrong with vegas? LOL!
Thanks for sharing those beautiful shots!

Mona Pendleton said...

Have to enjoy and appreciate the desert foliage huh? It is gorgeous and I love it! Especially the Hibiscus! Hope you have a safe Memorial Day weekend!

kelly said...

Some lovely colours there, Davi.

Martha said...

Hi friend,

What absolutely wonderful photos! All so vivid and beautiful. Sorry about the foot problem getting these to share with us. Hope it is better soon and God leaves a few flowers for you to enjoy in the heat. I loved the artichoke and had never seen one!

Love and blessings, Martha

Kimberly S said...

What beautiful colors, and how yummy that you'll have grapes soon! :)