Tuesday, August 9, 2011


A wonderful gift from my special friend Martha. Since my cuttlebug broke she has been on the lookout for one for me. She found one on ebay and surprised me with it! I'm so blessed to have the bestest friend!! She is always sending me packages of treasures she find. Not only did she send me the cuttlebug but also sent some pretty little butterflies and 12 Copic markers... I actually thought that this posted last week I got it over a week ago. Now Im back in business :) Thanks to Martha


Benzi said...

Wow! What a wonderful friend!!! It has to have been hard without your Cuttlebug. I'm very happy for you....and Copics, too! Awesome.

Stella said...

Such a wonderful friend and her gift is just asmazing! Enjoy!

Martha said...


Your kind friendship to me is a joy every single day. God has what I call "divine appointments" for each believer and he puts people into each others days so we can bless each other in some way. I received the greatest joy finding the "bug" for you and other treasures. So enjoy them for a long time and we will see what I can surprise you with next time!Thank you for being my divinely appointed friend. May God bless you in every way possible!

Love, Martha

Unknown said...

Oh, how great for you! That is awesome:)