Friday, September 30, 2011

You know phone calls in the night are never good.
We got a call at 2:30 am, my husband's best friend had
just passed away and they wanted him to come. Its been a long day
but not sleepy yet so thought I would share last weekends things.

Last Saturday I spoke at a little mini day retreat up in the Hualapai Mts.
It was a glorious day, storm clouds off and on with some thunder,
a few sprinkles and a little breeze in the pines. Wonderful
respite from the hot desert. We set
up at a camp site on the mountain and looking over the valley.
We had a wonderful time in the Word, prayer and
fellowship and of course lunch. Pastor's wife asked me to
make up a little take home bible study booklet.I
water colored the front, stamped some flowers
and added the title cut out with Spellbinders,
made a couple little flowers for each and then
stapled it together like a regular book and tied
each one with some fibers.

I also made a booklet with a poem, the scriptures I
was speaking about and a few other encouraging items.
These were decorated with a punched edge and tied
closed at the top. Used a Spellbinder to cut the title and
decorated with a flower. The bottom half of each
front was also embossed. I also made up bookmarks
with a variety of scriptures and
designs for each lady. So in all I made 50 books and 25
bookmarks. Doesn't look like much but it was a lot of work
as there were 21 pages between both booklets plus covers .

Pastor's wife, myself and our new Youth
Pastor's wife stayed and hiked up to the top of the mountain
and enjoyed the fabulous view then went down the Mt
to the lodge and spent a little time showing Michelle
around then back down the Mt and home again.


Shannon White said...

Goodness These are Wonderful Miss Davi, and you can definitely see quit a bit of work went into them, a labor of Love for sure. 8-)

I am so Sorry to hear of your Husbands Best Friend's passing, Sending big hugs and prayers to you both and his family too.

Big Hugs

Mona Pendleton said...

Wonderful collection Davi! Sorry to hear about your loss, I will keep you and your loved ones in my thoughts and prayers :)

Monique said...

Hi Davi Sorry to hear about your loss. Ugg I know what you mean about those late night phone calls they are almost never good.. Big hugs to you and your hubby!!

What a bright and cheerful set of booklets and tags. you have been very busy :)!!

NanaConnie said...

Lovely, Davi! Will keep your husband and his best friend's family in prayers for comfort and peace.

Unknown said...

I am so sorry to hear about your husbands friend. It is always so hard to loss someone you know. I will keep the two of you in my prayers. Your little books and tags look wonderful. And it sounds like you had a wonderful time up in the mountains.. I have camped there a couple of time..

Take care my friend..

Hugs, Linda

Elizabeth said...

Wow, Davi! Those were a lot of work. But I'm sure those women will appreciate the beauty of the booklets and bookmarks, as well as the treasures inside. You did a lovely job on all of them. =)

Cheryl said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of work to me! They turned out beautifully.

Martha said...

Oh Davi,

My heart breaks for the loss your hubby and you are experiencing. Special people in our lives will always be there but their passing is so difficult. May you be wrapped in God's love, protection and peace.

Your goodies for the retreat are so special. You ALWAYS make delicious items, whether cards, gifts, and projects. You are super creative and you seem to be a magician with paper. I love you to pieces, sweetie!

Love and God's blessings, Martha

Benzi said...

What a wonderful job you did for this group and sounds as if you had a very special time on the mountain...sounds like an awesome place for your group to receive God's word and blessings.

I'm so sorry to hear the bad news and sure your husband is very sad. Sending love and blessings.

Linda Breedlove said...

Davi... so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband's friend. What would we do without God's marvelous grace and strength in times of sorrow! I'll be praying for you both.

Kirsty Vittetoe said...

So sorry to hear about the loss of a dear friend, hugs.....
Such lovely creation you've made for the retreat, I am sure they will be loved by all!

Unknown said...

Sorry for the loss, Davi. It sounds like you have been super busy. Great booklets and tags. Love the flowers.

Janelle said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. You made some lovely items.