Sunday, February 26, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

This is my first attempt at joining Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Five words to
demonstrate and here is what I came up with.

There are so many things you could use for crossed but this one made me
laugh so thought it would be a good start.

I walked outside, looked over at the fence and thought the hole would be the
one for a glimpse and as walked up to the knot hole
I could see the tip of a branch
how perfect is that for a glimpse!
Love that aged wood.

BLISSLots of things that I would consider bliss would be difficult to photograph or its
a place where Im not right now soooo.Our son in law who lives in Michigan is working in
southern California about 4 hours away.
He came to visit yesterday and since its the first time he has been to our home
I had to make it a little special. Im not a chocolate fanatic so I
made some fabulous lemon curd to fill a white cake and to
drizzle a little over the top with white
chocolate curls and a few
raspberries and yes it was bliss.


A note from a precious older lady who was a great mentor
early in my Christian walk. She was such a blessing to me and yet
even though she was much more the giver to me, in her humility
she saw me as the giver. This note was one
of several and Ive kept it all these years to remind
me of how to be a mentor to others.

In the desert there arent to many grey days! Soo this
was the best I could do. Snapped it just before the sun came up this
morning, as you can see the wind is blowing again.

Even though either my skills nor camera are the best I really had fun
trying the Scavenger hunt. I was enticed to try from the
truly talented photograper Linda @ My Happy Place She just has
the most amazing shots, really captivating!


Unknown said...

I love the detail of the texture of the wood for your "Glimpse" image. It is just gorgeous. And that dessert.... mouth watering!

cheryl said...

oh love these pictures,they are just brilliant,I love that wood its amazing hugs Cherylxxxx

Andrea Dawn said...

The old wood in your glimpse is delightful! Your bliss shot looks totally yummy. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

As the others have said, your glimpse shot is beautiful. The texture of the wood just makes it a very interesting shot. Also, I think your photograph of the dessert you made is really amazing. I read a lot about food photography (not done any myself, really) and I think you've done an excellent job with that one. :)

kelly said...

Hi Davi,
It's good to see photos taken by yourself. The glimpse is fantastic. I also love the handwritten photo.


Anonymous said...

Great photos. Love that second shot.

Unknown said...

YEA!!! How cool that you played along.. It is fun isn't it.. Thank so much for mentioning me.. Of all weeks I could not play! I had an emergency and had to leave town.. I just got back home awhile ago... But so glad you played... Your shots look great. I love your glimpse shot. And your bliss looks so yummy.. Hope you play again..

Hugs, Linda

georgia b. said...

haha... i live the crossed interpretation. i didn't think of that... i just went with the obvious... my husband's crossed legs. i know it's not original, but i didn't feel like looking too hard. =)

mine was also the first time participating! it's fun, no? your glimpse photo is super cool!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Love a glimpse - very creative composition.

Benzi said...

I didn't know you were so into photography, Davi! These are great shots and I think you worked really well with your five words. So interesting!