Saturday, December 10, 2011

Like many others I work 8-11 hr days depending on which day and then have been coming home changing clothes and racing off to my moms to stay with her, jump up in the early am get her up and fed then race home to shower dress and off to work. Don't know about you but I don't sleep well other places. The past 5 weeks of her being in the hospital and my dad also in the hosp and off to the emergency room several times and trying to keep up with team responsibilities plus just regular life has been quite the ride. After getting mom up fed and settled then heading home this morn my dad called and asked me to come something was wrong thought he needed to go to the hosp. I took a minute prayed and then raced over. After accessing the situation, did some nurse Davi stuff, got him reassured and settled down I then ran to the store for him and came back home. At that point I just thought I needed take a stroll in the garden for a little quiet time before getting busy doing all the things that have to be done today. It was so peaceful and the sun hitting on the plants looked so pretty thought I would take some pics.

The petunias were so bright and cheery made me smile to see their little faces.

The narcissus were polar opposites of the petunias so quiet and peaceful with the pretty soft white flowers waving in the breeze.

I thought the swirling in the lettuce center was very interesting like looking
down in a little secret hole.

The rabbits decided to go exploring night before last and totally wiped out my broccoli :( and helped themselves to some of the lettuce too . Guess they were full and didnt finish making the rounds to the cabbage which they usually love. While they were making the smorgasbord rounds they also dug test holes Everywhere!! Gotta love those little rascals.

Took a pic of them so you could see the guilty culprits. Just venting a bit and sharing a
few of the pics you might enjoy :)


Benzi said...

Oh my goodness, I know how hectic that must be, Davi! You must be worn down. Please take care. Your garden stroll must be a delight. I was so shocked to see those petunias fortunate you are. Nothing here since the frost in October so I'll have to wait quite a while to see that sight.

Linda Breedlove said...

Davi, I can't imagine going through a day like that. You must be totally worn out. I find that Nahum 1:7 brings me a lot of comfort when I'm having a tough time... I'll be praying for you, dear lady. Your photos are lovely... even the pesky bunnies.

Mona Pendleton said...

Beautiful photos Davi! Those bunnies are adorable!

coldwaters2 said...

Oh Davi I have had you in my thoughts and prayers for awhile now and I will continue to pray that life eases up for you. The strength you have to be able to do so much is amazing not many would be able to do what you are doing. I am so glad that you took a bit of time to look at such beauty, the flowers are gorgeous, I adore the bunnies they look so innocent, lol. Please take care of yourself Davi.
Lorraine x

Tammy said...

Oh Davi, I do hope things slow down for you a bit!! Make sure you find time for yourself! I love these pictures...the bunnies are adorable!
Sending big hugs your way! Tammy :)

Unknown said...

You have every reason to vent.. That sounds pretty stress full. But at least you took a little time to unwind and notice the beauty.. Thanks for sharing with us!! I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

Hugs, Linda

Kimberly S said...

With days like that it is so difficult to find any 'me time', so I am glad to see that you did manage a few minutes to yourself Davi. The flowers are lovely, and the bunnies are so cute! hugs, Kimberly

Pauline said...

Davi, I'm so sorry that your parents have been unwell, and it is important for you to grab a five minute break for some peace and 'me' time, especially at this time of year. How you find time to work, care and craft I don't know - I take my hat off to you. Hugs, xxx

Martha said...

The flowers are gorgeous and those "imps" with the long ears and fluffy tails are too cute. They just ate an early Christmas buffet at your expense. LOL

Love and blessings, Martha

Martha said...

The flowers are gorgeous and those "imps" with the long ears and fluffy tails are too cute. They just ate an early Christmas buffet at your expense. LOL

Love and blessings, Martha