Sunday, March 30, 2014

Our Beautiful World.....

This week Im joining the Our Beautiful World and Bonita chose the word  BLOOM.
 As a former floral designer and gardenerI am passionate about flower!! 
I love love them all and my premise 
is you can never have to many!! 
 I am sharing a couple of blooms around my yard. Here in the desert there are
many things you can not grow but still there are plenty of choices and
I am always ready to take a challenge and try things that
aren't normally grown here, sometimes successful sometimes not.

 Its already very warm her and the flowers are everywhere.
Saturday while working out in the garden I took a bunch
of these pics.
My white Bougainvillea is just starting to bloom and the bracts  have a pink blush until they
are open a few days

This is a bloom from the Cat Claw Vine.

This is one of my Kalanchoes, but I actually
 took the pic because of the beautiful butterfly !!

Alstroemeria are one of my favorite flowers and I have several but this
purple  is my favorite.

This Iris blossom has a crazy story!! About 7 years ago I planted a  
Bearded Iris, it was purple and it bloomed every
year until last year. When the blooms came out and
opened lo and behold there is a white Dutch Iris, and here it is again this year!
I am assuming it reverted back to the
original...surprise LOL.

Well I could post a lot more but will stop with these~


  1. What lovely and colorful blooms! I've never heard of a cat claw vine but yours is just gorgeous!

  2. What beautiful favourite is the shot with the butterfly...thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Davi, you do very well growing your flowers in the desert - the colours are beautiful.

  4. How I love the quote of your blog... and such lovely pictures with admirable colorful blooms (and such a mix of colors in the one with the butterfly on the Kalanchoe)... but all of them are so gorgeous!

  5. Gorgeous collection of flowers and photos of them - that butterfly is a beauty too.

  6. I know what you mean about being able to post more ... I just love photographing the flowers ... you have some beauties there Davi and what a fabulous butterfly!! Thanks so much for sharing at Our Beautiful World!!

  7. Just gorgeous flowers, Davi...and butterfly, too. So, I think I see how you got the name of your blog..from your favorite flower? Interesting story about the iris and it is so pretty.

  8. I love looking at your gorgeous flowers!! They are so beautiful!! And wow, the butterfly you captured is stunning!! I love taking photos of flowers, too!! And what a fun story about your Iris!! Have a great day :)

    A Mermaid's Crafts

  9. What beautiful photos! I miss having Bougainvillea in my yard. It is not a perennial in my area. :)

  10. My goodness... these are fabulous shots, Davi!!!!!!!!! GORGEOUS!

  11. The blooms are wonderful, the yellow one looks so bright and the butterfuly is beautiful, too
    Thanks for sharing your photos at "Our Beautiful World"

  12. beautiful photos of the flowers in your garden Davi-my hubby is the avid gardener here at our home-he has a couple of the flowers you mentioned.

  13. Wow, you have absolutely gorgeous flowers in your garden. And butterflies too :-)
    Bougainvillea is one of my favourite plants. We have them in southern Europe, but not here in the north alas.
    And, wish I had green fingers like you. I'm no good with gardening, I'm sorry to admit but it's the truth.
    Nice to hear you were a floral designer and funny story about the Iris!
    Great shots and happy to see you join us at OBW. Hugs xx

  14. Sweet cat. Love those inspiring colours in the butterfly. Like the cat card!

  15. Fabulous flowers. you really must have a beautiful garden.